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25 years of aviation experience


Our work is almost always as people-oriented as much as it is process-oriented. Since we are serving individuals, we make sure to keep that at the heart of how we do work. TAS is concerned to give special attention to passenger handling. In handling different individuals, one cannot always do by the book, so TAS ensures dealing with every passenger with the utmost delicacy. Our assistance covers ticketing and reservations services, passenger check-in, PRM and UM assistance, VIP service including fast-track, and access luggage collection on behalf of the airline. We consider all possible inconvenient scenarios and this is why we manage lost and found through a sophisticated world-tracer system. All of our service framework operates in alignment with strongly based safety and security systems. Your smooth flow is our company’s constant goal.

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That moment when the aircraft approaches its destination until the chocks make their way off, TAS will be there to lead every step of the way. While you put your focus priorities elsewhere, we conveniently handle all aircraft related on-ground efforts. With TAS, there’s no need to think twice, you just hand us the responsibility, and we will deliver superior-value in return for your trust.

TAS staff is highly competent in meeting the aircraft on ground and coordinating the flight, arranging the necessary equipment and supervising ramp handling, controlling aircraft access and securing aircraft holds, loading/offloading luggage and monitoring belly/galley change, all meanwhile strictly following the necessary safety measures.

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Questioning aircraft maintenance? Well, you may as well dismiss this concern altogether, since we have made it our duty to partner up with the most equipped and resourceful backbone. In our partnership with EgyptAir maintenance division, Tiger is able to arrange maintenance and repair services for your aircraft. In connecting with stakeholders and managing successful networking, our company is able to escalate up the performance ladder. TAS deals directly with one of the biggest fuel suppliers in Egypt – Misr Petroleum. In addition to high quality fuel, Tiger is able to offer its clients the best deals in the market due to large volumes accumulated by our large client base.
In taking on TAS as your representative of choice, your worries are rectified with unwavering satisfaction and assurance, knowing that the company’s close liaison with authorities such as CAA and internationally recognized airports. This close association ensures a smooth process flow and action-oriented operations. Our assistance hovers over your circulating needs and transforms them into immediate fulfillment. Both in air and on ground traffic rights are conveniently handed over to you, while coordinating airport slots in parallel for your orderly operations. It is quite evident that with aviation comes a great deal of responsibility and diligence to time, and for this reason TAS marks time as its core performance pillar. Our company leverages on its powerful resources for timely responses to all possible requests, to guarantee on-time permits along with all other operational drivers. The services do not just pause there, we also take care of all payments right away, aiding carriers, and avoiding any delays or refusals.
Our company firmly believes in its people and their potential. When we recruit, we do not merely search for “employers” but rather associates who share our business objectives, our guiding pillars, and our driving purpose. In prioritizing our people and granting them a sense of ownership, we guarantee performance. At TAS, our work associates are continuously learning and developing through training and research in order to master the operational world of ease and convenience. The TAS team is highly competent in meeting the aircraft on ground and coordinating the flight, arranging the necessary equipment and supervising ramp handling, controlling aircraft access and securing aircraft holds, loading/unloading luggage and monitoring belly/galley change, all meanwhile strictly following the necessary safety measures. Our work is purpose-driven, and so we ensure meticulous attention to your needs, rather than just getting the job done. A TAS vision is one of customer-orientation and remarkable performance.


With our copious positive networking and relationships throughout the world, we have established partnerships with handling agents in every country. We understand the importance of quality service, and we have selected the best agents out there in order to provide the best service for our customers. If you are planning operations into the country where you have no resources yet, Tiger will be glad to assist you in arranging every fragment of detail.

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Besides handling your aircraft, TAS gives special attention to its crew. Given our relationships with world-class and internationally recognized hotels, we are able to arrange any type of accommodation for your crew whatever the requirements are, for the best rates.

Upon arrival, we will provide the Meet&Assist service for all crew members and help with visa issuance. Starting from picking up crew from the aircraft, TAS can arrange transportation whenever and wherever they need and wish to go.

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TAS offers extensive cargo services fulfilled with the highest quality and safety precautions to facilitate the aircraft ground preparation. Our qualified personnel specialize in arranging and supervising cargo loading, unloading, buildup and breakdown with exquisite care of execution. They will also assist in mail handling, crew wake up, pick up and transportation if required. Our ground handling team will also ensure ramp transfer, parking pushback and towing are all performed with record breaking timely responses while also observing weight and balance.

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TAS Travel is a sister-company of Tiger Aviation Services, established to serve the needs of the travel and tourism industry.
The travel agency is certified under license Category (A), license No. 2111 member of IATA (No. 9022061). It offers complete tourism services with very affordable rates, arranging each trip as per traveler's desires and individual needs, making each day of the vacation different and unforgettable. Our experience in aviation is our impetus, driving us forward to serve our people in more ways than just one. We are fully endorsed to provide our customers with complete travel satisfaction, free of restrictive hassles and tedious preparations.

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TAS Travel is ready to provide you with the best accommodations both locally and worldwide. You can find various hotels depending on your needs and preferences. Be it leisure or affordability, all our options follow standardized guidelines and ensure a maximized experience. Our service ties allow us to make specialized agreements with hotels as well as cruises. Relying on TAS Travel is a step closer towards your extended enjoyment and efficient planning.
TAS Travel arranges national and international congresses, seminars and meetings for organizations of official and private sectors. TAS Travel employs competent and sufficient staff to provide all services from the beginning of all arrangements until the very end. Regardless of the nature of your travel, TAS has everything to offer.
We understand the need for a full-on pampering experience, not just during your trip but everything that comes prior and following. Our team is looking out for the very minute details, the ones that could get in the way of your ability to make the most out of your experience. From the moment our clients land until they depart, they are taken care of by our multilingual staff, who meet them at the airport and assist them throughout their stay; from passport control and baggage claim, to car pick-up and hotel check-in, our capable staff ensure a smooth and quick arrival and departure for our clients so that they do not have to deal with the hassle of queuing in long lines or filling out paperwork.
Commuting is another travel arrangement that could take away from time spent in places you’re meant to be. We aim to eradicate this hassle by offering you car rental options, buses, and even limos. Choosing TAS, is deciding that no arrangement will be left unaccounted for.
Domestic packages for individuals groups (Aswan-Luxor –Red Sea Sinai, North Coast). Outgoing packages for individuals groups (U.S.A-Europe Far East). Special Arrangement for the International Fairs and Exhibitions. Daily Sightseeing Tours. Organizing budget tours for students and low budget travelers. Handicap's and old age travel services. Business men and VIP travel services. Competitive rates on Nile cruise between Cairo and Luxor/Aswan as well Lack Nasser.
When applying for any visa, the process can be overwhelming. It is that time spent to arrange and prepare that really takes away from the exciting buildup towards your trip. Our company handles visas for countries all over the world in the most efficient way.


At TAS Group, we acknowledge the essence of food provision for each client individually, and for this reason, Planet Gourmet deals with various catering suppliers who can accommodate either a commercial plane with 500 passengers or a private flight with very specific cuisine requirements.

Flying in addition to lavish dining really points out to a sky with no limits. Indulge yourself with Planet Gourmet’s exquisite menus and dishes, and you will experience a sense of true culinary excellence. Located just ten minutes from Cairo International Airport, Planet Gourmet offers VIP catering for private jet passengers, completing an exceptional atmosphere of business travel.

By complying precisely with your catering preferences, our talented chefs will prepare mouth-watering dishes from any cuisine of the world, reaching the expectations of the most demanding gourmands. If you have not decided on the exact menu, a rich selection of dishes and items is available to choose from to help create a brilliant lunch or dinner course. We strongly believe in our attempt at an overall positive picture, refraining from missing any aspect that would jeopardize your full experience.

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While serving VIP customers, TAS guarantees complete operator and/or aircraft owner confidentiality, when monitoring and assisting in all airport formalities such as immigration, customs, visas, etc. In regards to the aircraft, it will be placed under special security control around the clock.

Upon arrival, our customers are treated with a red-carpet welcome, and deluxe vehicles are available to transport the guest wherever they wish to go. TAS will recommend and book accommodation at the best hotel in the region, suited for each person’s individual preferences.

For a shorter stay, a very relaxing executive, VIP or Royal lounge can be arranged, equipped with the latest gadgets and absolute comfort.

Finally, when sending our customers away onto their further journey, TAS will arrange the finest catering including international cuisines for the most refined gourmands.

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