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25 years of aviation experience


With TAS as your representative, you can put your mind at ease, as our close liaison with the authorities such as CAA and EAC will result in smooth and quick actions for your operations. We will assist you in obtaining your traffic rights both in the air and on ground, as well as coordinate the airport slots. TAS’ special ties with the authorities ensure immediate responses to all our requests, which means that your permits will be issued on time, all the processes followed, and most importantly, we will take care of payments right away, which helps carriers avoid any delays or refusals.

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From the moment the aircraft approaches its parking until the moment the chocks are off, TAS will supervise the process every step of the way. You need not think about what has to be done while the plane is on ground – TAS will take care of it all.

TAS staff is highly competent in meeting the aircraft on ground and coordinating the flight, arranging the necessary equipment and supervising ramp handling, controlling aircraft access and securing aircraft holds, loading/offloading luggage and monitoring belly/galley change, all meanwhile strictly following the necessary safety measures.

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Technical Support
Aircraft Line & Base Maintenance Services TAS can help through our Cooperating maintenance repair organization companies (Egypt air , aircraft maintenance company (AMC) and Egyptian company for aircraft maintenance (ECAM)) By providing our engineer Representative to 1-reserve maintenance slot 2- Handle all the equipment and tools needed 3- reviewing work package 4- reviewing raised non routine cards 5- Assist & supervising while aircraft under maintenance 6-prepare all the document needs for releasing aircraft back to service include dealing with Egyptian civil aviation authority (ECAA) 7- reviewing the bill from any extra & over charge 8. Assist with hanger space if needed


TAS deals directly with one of the biggest fuel suppliers in Egypt – Misr Petroleum and Total. In addition to high quality fuel, TAS is able to offer its clients the best deals in the market due to large volumes accumulated by our large client base.

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With our many connections throughout the world, we have established partnerships with handling agents in every country. We understand the importance of quality service, and we have selected the best agents out there in order to provide the best service for our customers. If you are planning operations into any country where you have no resources yet, TAS is glad to assist you in arranging everything needed.

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Besides handling your aircraft, TAS gives special attention to your crew. Thanks to our relationships with various hotels that are contracted worldwide, we are able to arrange any type of accommodation for your crew whatever the requirements are, for the best rates.

Upon arrival, we will provide the Meet & Assist service for all crew members and help with visa issuance. Starting with picking up the crew from the aircraft, TAS can arrange transportation whenever and wherever they need and wish to go.

Exclusively at Cairo International Airport, TAS is able to offer the comfort of a VIP lounge, where aircraft crew are welcome to relax in between their functions. TVs, computers and internet access are available as well as snacks and refreshments, storage area for luggage or large items, safe room to keep secured valuables and restrooms with showers. If the trip does not require a hotel accomodation, our lounge is a suitable alternative of peace and privacy right out of the aircraft door.

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While serving VIP customers, TAS guarantees complete operator and/or aircraft owner confidentiality, monitoring and assisting in all airport formalities such as immigration, customs, visas, and the aircraft will be put under special security control round the clock.

Upon arrival, our very special customers are treated with a red-carpet welcome and deluxe vehicles are available to transport the guest wherever they wish to go. TAS will recommend and book accommodations at the best hotels in the region, suited for each person’s individual preferences. For a shorter stay, a very relaxing executive, VIP or Royal lounge can be arranged, equipped with the latest gadgets and most importantly comfort.

Finally, when sending the Very Important Person away onto his further journey, TAS will arrange the finest catering, including international cuisines for the most refined gourmands.

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At TAS, we very well understand the importance of food provision for each client individually, that’s why we deal with various catering suppliers who can accommodate either a commercial plane with 500 passengers or a private flight with very specific cuisine requirements.

Indulge yourself with Planet Gourmet’s exquisite menus and dishes, and you will experience the true culinary excellence in the sky. Located just 10 minutes from Cairo International Airport, Planet Gourmet offers VIP catering for private jet passengers, completing an exceptional atmosphere of business travel.

By complying precisely with your catering preferences, our talented chefs will prepare mouth-watering dishes from any cuisine of the world, reaching the expectations of the most demanding gourmands. If you have not decided on the exact menu, a rich selection of dishes and items is available to choose from to help create a brilliant lunch or dinner course.

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TAS Travel is a sister company of Tiger Aviation Services. TAS Travel offers complete tourism services with very affordable rates, arranging each trip as per traveler's desires and individual needs, making each day of the trip different and unforgettable. You name it, we make it with a smile. For more information please visit our website

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Best competitive air fares on all carriers worldwide. Personal profiles for each traveler are maintained to endure client preferences and flight seating.
TAS Travel is simply to provide you with the best in accommodations in EGYPT and worldwide. You can find various hotels depending on your needs (deluxe or cheap, down town or near the airport...etc). TAS Travel makes special agreements with the hotels, cruises.
TAS Travel arranges national and international congress, seminars and meetings for organizations of official and private sectors. TAS Travel employs competent and sufficient staff to provide all services from the beginning of the organization till the end.
From the moment our clients land until they depart, they are taken care of by our multilingual staff, who meet them at the airport and assist them throughout their stay; from passport control and baggage claim, to car pick-up and hotel check-in, our capable staff ensure a smooth and quick arrival and departure for our clients so that they do not have to deal with the hassle of queuing in long lines or filling out paperwork.
We can arrange any means of transportation including but not limited to car rentals, buses or limo.
Domestic packages for individuals groups (Aswan-Luxor –Red Sea Sinai, North Coast). Outgoing packages for individuals groups (U.S.A-Europe Far East). Special Arrangement for the International Fairs and Exhibitions. Daily Sightseeing Tours. Organizing budget tours for students and low budget travelers. Handicap's and old age travel services. Business men and VIP travel services. Competitive rates on Nile cruise between Cairo and Luxor/Aswan as well Lack Nasser.
Hajj and Oumra


With TAS, all your cargo needs will be fulfilled with the highest quality and safety precautions including but not limited to:

Arrange and Supervise Cargo Unloading and Break Down
Arrange and Supervise Cargo Buildup and Loading
Arrange and Supervise Cargo and Mail Handling
Arrange and Supervise Cargo Aircraft Parking Pushback and Towing
Arrange and Supervise Crew Wakeup & Pickup
Arrange for Crew Transportation
Arrange for Ramp Transfer to and From Aircraft
Prepare Weight and Balance
Perform Load Supervision

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